Site Going Away

I no longer have the time to maintain EQ2Mission, and it has never become as wildly popular as I had hoped it to be. Other sites do some of what EQ2Mission does, but none have as extensive leaderboards, and don't allow upgradable item comparison.

About 400 people visit this site daily. After over a year, that's pretty small.

EQ2Mission consumes about 65 GB of disk space (I load all Sony data into a local database) and around 32 GB of RAM to run the site with sufficient speed. It also transfers about 4 GB of data daily, most of which goes to search engines. Yes, most of the traffic is not from users, but from search engines.

If you use this site and want to drop me a note, please do so. In-game mail to Quicktiger on Antonia Bayle works best.


EQ2Mission's primary goal is to maintain leaderboards, character rankings, guild rankings, and item popularity.

EQ2Mission has information about every item available in game, every public character, guild, and achievement.

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Get details about every item available in-game. View a character's equipment. Item popularity. Show upgrades for gem-upgradable items.

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